Ilka Weiss




Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung, Helena Sender-Petry

Already the stage design by Ilka Weiss lends oneself to a cheerful atmosphere: [...] a stylised desert landscape, two cacti to the right, a border crossing hut to the left[...] All immersed in a light of brilliant colours, the scenery presents itself as surreal [...]. And when the beautiful Clivia stretches lasciviously out of her silk lined chest, tightly gripping her cuddly leopard, the audience knows: this evening promises to be very entertaining. [...]


The Merry Widow

Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung, Siegfried Kienzle

Peter Mussbach and Sylvain Camberling created a masterpiece of intelligent entertainment at the opera in Frankfurt. This is to be expected after the first impression given by the serenely designed stage space.

Impressively Ilka Weiss has built an elliptical opening like an oversized peephole or a bubble of illusion.

The inevitable staircase for the stars entrance, indicates being fragile and in danger of falling. [...]

Hänsel and Gretel

Frankfurter Allgemeine

By it's impressively smooth setting changes, Ilka Weiss' stage design is a serious contribution to the authenticity of the event. [...] By a hole in the floor, which suddenly mutates into the sky of another world, the siblings enter a world where their mother’s rules are exaggerated to grotesque levels.


Die Rheinpfalz

The stage design by Ilka Weiss is purposely reduced to minimalism: Wall units with subtle plays of light and shade, mist and projected light create […] the atmospheric setting in which the tragic conflict develops.

In the 3rd act, the singers find themselves on a cleverly created ironic island of happiness with a bright blue sky and symbols of a better life

Effi Briest

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Nicole C. Buck

The stage-furniture, a curved wood piece is […] archaic, imposing and offers beautiful scope […]. The actors appear caught in the stage design just as the figures in Theodor Fontanes novel are caught in the social conventions of this time.

Bietigheimer Zeitung, Patricia Fleischmann

The stage-furniture designed by Ilka Weiss […] enables on just a few meters, long walks and rides, the numerous changes of places given by the original novel, which means, her design enables Theodor Fontanes story to be recreated on stage.

Esslinger Zeitung Am Wochenende, Petra Bail

Ilka Weiss created an effective metaphor […] for all the highs and lows in Effis life, for her impending condition and her unsteady character[...]

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